Velvet Glove (notebook edition)

Velvet Glove (notebook edition)
by Sarah Richardson

Tags: crime, historical

It’s the ‘70s. High school’s a drag, and your parents are worse. There are skeezeballs that catcall you on the street, and teachers who wouldn’t know cool if it slapped them. You live in a crummy neighborhood, and all the excitement seems to be happening somewhere—anywhere—else. What’s a girl to do to get a little money and have some fun?

Welcome to the gang. Your girls have your back. There’s drugs to be used, crime to be done, and sex to be had—if you’re willing to pay the price.

• Get real high… and open your mind to the universe.

• Hotwire a car… and cruise the streets in style.

• Bring the pain… and hurt them before they hurt you.

• State your message… and let no man silence you.

We’ve got a place for you, right now, in this gang.

Can you dig it?

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