by Miguel Angel Espinoza

Tags: crowdfunding, fantasy, historical, literary

Nahual is a Mexican role-playing game set on the universe created by the comic book artist Edgar Clément, started in the graphic novel Operación Bolivar.

  “When our Spanish ancestors first arrived to this continent they were not alone, with them came their gods and their armies of angels. For our Indian ancestors angels were not the incense sellers of today, they were the harbingers of destruction. Between the sword of Cortés and St. Michael the Archangel’s there was no difference, and neither made a clean cut to the roots. The brujos resisted. Nahuales, the most powerful shamans, took on the task of fighting the invading angels.”
  —Edgar Clément. Operación Bolivar.

Players are angel hunters, descendants from the powerful brujos nahuales. They have the dormant gifts that allow them to touch the gods and their harbingers, but their memory is lost, impoverishing the greatness of these wonders. Sometimes they don’t even know such gifts exist, let alone the scale of these powers. Many just struggle for survival, other look for answers, they all agree in one thing: a nahual lives to hunt down angels.

The Universe created by Clément is electrifying, set as a reflection of contemporary Mexico and charged with folklore and myths both pre-Columbian and Christian, thus forming a faithful allegory of what is Mexico, a mixture of cultures and traditions.

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