by Mark Plemmons

Tags: comedy, historical, war

MASHED is a tabletop roleplaying game that explores the value of human life and the stresses that war imposes on the people who live through it—but it’s also about relationships. And courage. And laughter. And love. Although your characters spend long hours performing surgery, MASHED compresses these into short events to focus on the most dramatic moments. Most of the game actually occurs outside of the operating tent, at times when the flow of casualties has ebbed. Here you may fall in or out of love, fight the orders of ineffective top brass, set up pranks, help your South Korean allies, pick fights, seduce your way through the unit, pull rank, and much more. Can you find ways to relieve the mental stresses brought on by the war, and make it home with your sanity intact?

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MASHED: Camp Cards by Mark Plemmons
MASHED: Casualty & Wound Cards by Mark Plemmons
MASHED: Event Cards by Mark Plemmons

MASHED: Camp Cards MASHED: Casualty & Wound Cards MASHED: Event Cards