Lonely World

Lonely World
by Taylor White

Tags: post-apocalyptic

Lonely World is a role-playing game where you play the survivors of a global cataclysm, caused by an inhuman Invader.

The world has been emptied of people, and all the trappings of civilization has gone with them. All that’s left is you, a few strangers, and the ruins of everything you used to know.

In Lonely World, players choose their destruction by creating an Invader that is unique to their gaming group. Do you like zombies? Martians? Robots? Vampires? Any and all of them can be Invaders, with any kind of details or customization you can imagine.

Will you and your group of survivors make it another day? Or will you succumb to petty arguments, betrayals, the harsh elements, or the ever-present Invader?

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