A World Full of Nightmares

A World Full of Nightmares
by Johnstone Metzger

Tags: fantasy, horror, supplement

I wrote a short supplement for The Nightmares Underneath that has Powered by the Apocalypse rules for players to use, for those of you who prefer that style over the old school D&D-ish rules. It is called A World Full of Nightmares, and it includes:

• a set of basic moves;
• new rules for harm and disposition, experience, and money that are more like Apocalypse World;
• simple character classes with simple special abilities (but you can add special moves from Dungeon World or Class Warfare if you like);
• conversion rules for the nightmares curses;
• a simple GM section;
• a new more-narrative-y system for creating incursions that you need a deck of cards for.

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