The Third Verse

The Third Verse
by Johnstone Metzger, Tony Dowler
A supplement for Dungeon World

Tags: Dungeon World, fantasy, supplement

The Third Verse is an adventure module for use with either the Dungeon World or Labyrinth Lord fantasy role-playing game systems.

Culled from the many exploits of Red Box Vancouver and drawing inspiration from four microdungeons drawn by Tony Dowler, The Third Verse is a vast, subterranean labyrinth full of doom. Can you find the missing third verse and use it to banish evil from the land?

MARVEL at the malign magnificence of the Red Mummy’s terrifying tomb!

GRIMACE as the grinding gears of evil engines churn beneath the earth!

FLEE when the God of Hellfire’s blazing tongue comes dancing down!

DO YOU DARE to brave the Shrine of the Doomed Celestial?

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