Perilous Deeps

Perilous Deeps
by Adam Koebel, Claytonian, Jason Lutes, Jeremy Strandberg, Joe Banner, Johnstone Metzger
A supplement for Dungeon World

Tags: Dungeon World, fantasy, supplement

How do you write a dungeon for Dungeon World? In this 72-page, fully-illustrated collection you will find six different approaches, inspired in part by the dungeon creation guidelines in The Perilous Wilds.

These “deeps” include:

• A citadel of glass, shimmering above the dunes in “Uncertain Reflections,” by Joe Banner
• The burial place of a great elven hero in “Brightrock Barrow,” by Jeremy Strandberg
• The earthly fane of unearthly parasites, in “Those Who Make Vows,” by Johnstone Metzger
• The folly of a prideful Cyclopean sorcerer, in “The Pit of Vanzwink,” by Jason Lutes
• A house of many doors that open into worlds beyond, in “Eesha’s Gulf,” by Dungeon World co-author Adam Koebel
• A subterranean pyramid, riddled with unpseakable horrors in “Raising Hell Under the Holy Mountain,” by Claytonian

Whether you’re kicking off a new Dungeon World campaign or need to flesh out an adventure in a pinch, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Perilous Deeps!

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