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Skin Suggestion: Gorgon
« on: October 27, 2014, 11:46:09 AM »
I don't have the game so I won't try to make it myself, but I would like to suggest the "gorgon"

Darkest Self

You've been tricked, abused, coerced...defiled.  Hate and anger bubbles up from inside of you and claws its way out through your skin turning all your beauty to ugliness.  All that treacherous beauty that led you to this state.  That vile curse in the guise of a boon!  You shut yourself off from others and lash out at anyone who tries to intrude on your solitude.  You escape your darkest self when someone can look into your Stone Face without the slightest sign of fear and show you honest concern.

had these ideas for some abilities but uncertain of mechanics:

Stone Face - while you are in your Darkest Self your face takes on a horrid cast and anyone looking into it must resist or be paralyzed rigid with fear. 

Mantle of Medusa - unlike other gorgons, you won't die easy just from being impaled...there is a specific thing that must be done to kill you finally, you're not sure what it is, it's always been different for each gorgon that carried the Mantle down to the original Medusa.  Other gorgons will be easy to find out how, of course.  The one's that think you're too soft on humans and the one's that think you're too violent to deserve the mantle...good and evil both hunting you down.

Sex Move is troublesome, the flip side of the Gorgon's representation of death is that she is also a representation of fertility, but I don't know how well an increased chance of pregnancy for any sexual encounter involving at least one female (even if no male) would be taken.

Likewise the OTHER heavy point to the Medusa myth is the fact that she was raped but to soften that to a less triggering catalyst at least part of the sex move should probably be "If you've had sex and your partner treats like trash afterwards, enter your Darkest Self."


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Re: Skin Suggestion: Gorgon
« Reply #1 on: November 10, 2014, 02:39:24 PM »
I've already got my own take on the Gorgon here which is not quite the same take as yours, but related - after all it's the same monster.   And the sex move took about half a dozen rewrites.

A couple of standard game design critiques: Your darkest self reads "Do not engage with others until someone drags you back into the game at risk to their character".  It's awkward enough for the Ghost, who can barely engage, but far worse here.  Someone else needs to metagame to bring you back in.  And you're focussing more on the monster than the teenager - the monster is necessary but the game is about the messed up teenager.