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Frogman starting moves
« on: March 06, 2014, 01:32:15 AM »
Hey All,

Long story short, the death of our thief led to a player spontaneously taking up a frogman who had happened to be on their side of the battle. He's hoping to play the character going forward, and I feel it fits the fiction, so I'm working with him to create some custom moves for a frogman character. Here's what I came up with:


You are amphibious. You move naturally in the water and can breathe indefinitely. However, when traveling in lands sparse of bodies of water, you consume double rations.

Fighter or Thief: when you use your impressive jumping range to defy danger, take +1. (this is a straight hack of the halfling fighter's circumstantial bonus)
Cleric: Your natural body chemistry makes you an adept healer. When you heal somebody, add 2 to the total damage healed.

Frogman Names:

Brawbitt, Bwag, Yebb, Croek, gGuirp

Hop, Skipper, Webster, Tad, Warts