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The Willworker
« on: February 06, 2013, 08:06:29 PM »
Hey guys, new kid here. I started playing DW with my friends a couple weeks ago, and everyone is already writing custom moves and stuff :).
Anyway, I was searching for a wizard-type class that had a little bit more freeform magic, and found The Mage and The Sorcerer, both made by users in this forum, and both GREAT classes (I mean, The Mage's Spell Focus thingies are so freaking cool I stole them). They did however have a couple things that bothered me, so I hacked away at them and put together my version of The Kinda-freeform-magic-user.
This is it (red means player fills it):

The Willworker

   Refreshing (smoke my pipe)

   When you do the thing you do to relax and reflect about things, refresh your Mana to 6. You can increase your maximum Mana by taking advanced moves.


   When you think on casting a spell, calculate its Mana Cost. Starting at 0 Mana and Hand range, add 1 Mana to the cost every time you pick one of these options:

-Add a damage die to the spell.
-Increase the spell's range. It costs 1 Mana for every scale-up.
-Add an Arcane Effect of your creation to it.
-Add any tag to it. If the tag scales, it costs 1 Mana for every scale-up.

   After calculating it's cost, declare you're casting a spell, and roll +INT. ?On a 10+, the spell is successfully cast and you pay it's cost as normal. ?On a 7-9, the spell is cast, but choose one:

-Your spell has unwanted side effects. The GM will tell you about it.
-The spell disturbs the fabric of reality as it is cast take -1 ongoing to cast a spell until the next time you Refresh.
-The spell drains you of more Mana than you expected spend +1 Mana to cast it.
-Your spell affects either much more or much less than you wanted it to.

   Signature Spell (Invisibility Touch)  Mana Cost:0 mana

   Write your signature spell here. To use it, follow the Spellcasting rules, except you subtract 1 Mana from the Mana cost before rolling.
   ?Description:I touch something and it disappears

   ?Arcane Effects:Invisibility

   Spell Focus

   Your magical studies are centered on a particular kind of magic, an aspect of the metaphysical world from which you take inspiration. When you first learn magic, select one Focus from below. You can only cast spells Aligned to your Focus.

The Dragon. Aligned: setting things on fire, reckless destruction, inciting passion and fury.

The Winter. Aligned: chilling them to the bone, inducing stasis, revealing grim portents.

The Tower. Aligned: shielding from harm, giving strength to the weak, defiance.

The Unknown. Aligned: making them suffer, summoning horrors, corrupting the innocent.

The Candle. Aligned: revealing the way forward, purification, granting freedom.

The Forest. Aligned: rampant growth, unmaking artificial things, communing with animals.

The Stars. Aligned: foretell destiny, call across space, peel back the veil.

The Clock. Aligned: adjust the flow of time, stop aging, erode to dust.

The Shadow. Aligned: dance with shadows, incite terror and panic, shroud the truth.

So, please comment if you think it could work, what bothers you about it, anything at all.

EDIT: cleaning up some typos
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