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AP: Clearwater Bay
« on: June 26, 2012, 10:53:19 PM »
We started our first MH Season at the MKRPG tonight; I was initially leaning towards playing the Mortal or Chosen, but then one of the other players commented on how he didn't like the Vampire's sex move, which amounts to not having sex. The conversation then went onto the idea of a geek who couldn't get laid and I suddenly saw what character I wanted to play...

So, the cast is:
Adrielle, a Witch drawing her power from her Native Amercian ancestry.
Samael, an Infernal whose parents were killed in a fire and is now brought up by a pastor.
Serena, a Selkie who has taken on the form of a drowned girl, but Samael has stolen her pelt under orders from his patron, the Burning Man.
And Samson, a Vampire who was turned in the 1950s, but then spent several decades underground (literally) and has only recently been reawoken.

Samson's schtick is his geek chic: he's smart and wants to learn everything about the modern world. All that enthusiasm to learn comes across as passion for the one he's learning from, and of course 'nerd' is the new sexy in the 21st century, so he has a number of admirers. Oh, and he's also a huge comic buff, with a deep paassion for Batman...

So, all the characters are seniors at St. Sebastian's, a high school in Clearwater Bay, Louisana, a town that is coping with some environmental pollution. We ran a few short scenes about a morning at the school: Samael planted his flick knife on one of the teachers, Adrielle and Serena discovered a dealer's stash in Samael's locker and Samson's powerpoint presentation about the history of NASA was spoiled by his rival Neil, the president of the chess club. Hopefully our MC now has some time to cook up a few threats before the next session. :-)
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Re: AP: Clearwater Bay
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The second session began with Samson and Serena planning a school dance, with the help of Stacy, one of the cheerleaders who felt she should  have been in charge of the whole thing. When Serena came back from a brief chat with the principal, Samson and Stacy were getting some hot tongue action, which was witnessed by Ally, a girl from the AV club with complex feelings towards Samson.

Samael's session with the school counsellor took an odd turn when she became a temporary avatar for the Burning Man and cut another deal with him to kill the principal! Meanwhile, Abrielle continued to collect sympathetic tokens, adding Ally's favourite film and some blood and vomit from Serena (don't ask) to the bag of grass previously stolen from Samael's locker.

Back in class after lunch, a fight breaks out involving Serena and Samson against the football team, but things get dramatically interrupted by a fire! Serena and Samson duck out of a window and make for the bike sheds, where Samson first tries to make out with her, then to feed from her, before agreeing to get back what Samael has stolen from her in return for her keeping quiet about the 'V' word.

Meanwhile, Abrielle is having a really hard time and a series of sucky rolls end with her being locked in the principal's office as it burns down! This ended up leading to one of the coolest scenes in the session though: after being rescued from the fire, she wakes up in hospital... with a bag containing porn, drugs and human remains! Abrielle is forced on the run and tries to make her own deal with the Burning Man, but the price he asks (barring the doors of the hospital after setting fire to it) is too much.

So, the session ended with Samson going round to Thad's (a football player he Turned On with his rocket presentation!) and feeding from him, but then being interrupted by a call from Serena as Ally and a mysterious evangelist break into her house to 'save' her...