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In my pseudo-medieval fantasy game, the apocalypse has not yet occurred, but is clearly on its way.  Thinking about handling omens, portents, and the future cataclysms and disasters led to this custom threat type.  I'd love to hear any thoughts anyone has on it, as well as any suggestions for additions to the entries.  ALSO: I'd love to hear other people's custom/hacked threat lists!

FATE - A Fate threat is an extra-natural force, a current of events that lead toward a predetermined end.
Prophecy (impulse: to shape reality, to dictate future events)
Apocalypse (impulse: to destroy everything, to bring about the end)
The gods (impulse: to experiment and toy, to challenge)
Nature (impulse: to restore its own order, to punish hubris)

Moves for Fate Threats:
Announce its presence through dreams, omens, signs and symbols
Return someone's own words or actions to them, amplified greatly
Make someone choose between two impossible courses
Accelerate toward its goal with silence, stillness, unease and mounting dread
Accelerate toward its goal with violence, depravity, anarchy and chaos
Attack with hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, famines, or other extreme weather conditions
Attack with animals, vegetation, or diseases
Attack in waves, with increasing force
Establish a new cult or religion, or choose lone spokesperson
Present hope for escape, freedom, or redemption
Deny hope for escape, freedom, or redemption
Bring final goal into being

[EDIT] Oh dear.  I suspect this should probably go in Hacks instead, shouldn't it?
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