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Rogue Trader: Apocalypse / Re: The Working Rules
« on: February 27, 2011, 07:52:21 AM »
Progress mainly stalled due to exams and then health issues, but I'm back and healthy, and hopefully I'll be able to do some more playstorming / design soon.

brainstorming & development / Re: Giving away free hack ideas!
« on: November 21, 2010, 11:17:29 AM »

1. Wizarding World
Harry Potter basically, you can do it during Voldemort's rise, for extra apocalypse. Wants: safety, power, secret knowledge, treasure, prophecy, loyalty, love
Playbooks: Muggle, Student (detail your house, by default your house has...etc.), Animagus, Professor of..., Half-Giant.
Moves: when you cast a spell, when you're close to someone, when you give in to power, when you speak to snakes,...
Stats: Heart, Brains, Ambition, Magic...

Quasi-doing this right now, with nothing worth showing yet...

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbooks for Charity
« on: August 21, 2010, 03:28:23 AM »

If you're a completionist, it sounds like this set-up is ideal for you. Because maintaining a complete collection will be *hard as fuck*, but it'll all be about social sleuthing, and not at all about buying.

And maintaining a complete set will carry so much prestige. In a year, if you have the Maestro D', Faceless, Boar-Hunter, the Slave Lord, the Harpy, the Sea Dog, the Farmhand and the Silent Killer... well, you'll be the only person besides Vincent with them all. Massive prestige that transcends mere buying power.

It would suck for us international patrons of lumpley games... I mean, as long as I am living in Australia I will never be able to justify going to GenCon, or any North American conventions... and Vincent is unlikely to be coming down here, so we won't be picking up any special playbooks of our own. It's a nice thought... if you're willing and able to attend a variety of North American conventions and events... but if you're stuck at the arse end of the world... you'd be less thrilled at the concept.

I'm not stressed, I was just, well, quasi-drunk when I wrote this post.

Apocalypse World / Re: Playbooks for Charity
« on: August 20, 2010, 06:08:11 PM »

If you're a completionist, it sounds like this set-up is ideal for you. Because maintaining a complete collection will be *hard as fuck*, but it'll all be about social sleuthing, and not at all about buying.

And maintaining a complete set will carry so much prestige. In a year, if you have the Maestro D', Faceless, Boar-Hunter, the Slave Lord, the Harpy, the Sea Dog, the Farmhand and the Silent Killer... well, you'll be the only person besides Vincent with them all. Massive prestige that transcends mere buying power.

It would suck for us international patrons of lumpley games... I mean, as long as I am living in Australia I will never be able to justify going to GenCon, or any North American conventions... and Vincent is unlikely to be coming down here, so we won't be picking up any special playbooks of our own. It's a nice thought... if you're willing and able to attend a variety of North American conventions and events... but if you're stuck at the arse end of the world... you'd be less thrilled at the concept.

Rogue Trader: Apocalypse / Re: Ship option moves?
« on: August 18, 2010, 12:52:22 PM »
Oh, definitely. I've just been playstorming these moves on an Ad-Hoc basis, but the idealised final hack would have definitely have a way of putting together ships from different components. I'm not even sure if ships have stats yet... ship-to-ship engagements haven't been an issue yet, as the players have spent most of their time either grappling with orks in the bowels of the ship, getting lost in the bowels of the ship, or arguing with / fighting / having rough sex with the Inquisitor who has commandeered their vessel.

Dungeon World / Cross-Contamination back to D&D
« on: August 07, 2010, 04:05:53 AM »
Just wanted to mention that your hack has inspired my friend Jarrah, a more "trad" gamer than myself, to adopt quite a bit of AW-esque foliage into his more traditional Microlite20 sandbox game. He's adopting some rules from ApocD&D wholesale, and creating AW-style GM agendas, principles, and moves to remind him what to do in the middle of the game.

Spouting Lore and Holding Parleys

The campaign is a lot of fun, and some thanks are certainly due to Tony and Vx.

Rogue Trader: Apocalypse / Astropath career book
« on: July 29, 2010, 12:44:40 AM »


bold 0 adroit +1 vigorous -1 charming +1 warped +2
bold +2 adroit 0 vigorous -1 charming -1 warped +2
bold +1 adroit +1 vigorous -2 charming +1 warped +2
bold -1 adroit +2 vigorous -1 charming 0 warped +2
bold +2 adroit 0 vigorous -2 charming 0 warped +2


Homeworld: Hive world, fedual world, void-born or noble-born

Born to: Scavenger, scholastic, criminal, mutant, or noble

Past glories: Tainted, heroic, zealot, shiplorn, or daemon-fighter

Motivations: Endurance, pride, or prestige


Man, woman or ambiguous

Officer wear, penitent wear, monastery wear or hiver wear

Pocked face, callow face, aged face, hooded face, or deep face

Crippled hand, poxied claw, bionic hand, gloved hand, or skeletal hand

Blinded sockets, bound eyes, burning sockets or glowing sockets

Elongated build, tallow build, twisted build, or scrabby build


You get this one:

Astral Telepathy (Warped)
You can send messages through the warp across light-years. Unlike all other Warped moves, you do not expose yourself to the warp on a miss. On a Black Hit (10+), you send a message and it isn't garbled. On a Red Hit (7-9) You send the message, but the MC chooses 1:
  • It's intercepted.
  • It's garbled.
  • It takes time to arrive.

And choose 2:

You take +1 Warped.

Telepathic Thrust (Warped)
You can use psykana to seize by force. When you use telepathic thrust to seize by force, it counts as a (1-insanity 1-harm ap close area messy weapon).

Compulsion (Warped)
When you use psykana to manipulate someone, roll Warped rather than Charming.

Deep Mind Probe (Warped)
When you have intimacy with someone and an extended period of time, you can use psykana to probe someone's mind someone, roll Warped. On a Black Hit (10+), hold 3. On a Red Hit, (7-9), hold 1. Spend to ask the character's mind:
  • What are your secret plans?
  • What was your lowest moment?
  • In what ways are your mind and soul vulnerable?
  • Pick any question from read a person.

Minor Psykana (Warped)
Choose 3 minor psykana from the list below. When you use minor psykana, roll Warped. On a Black Hit (10-11), it works perfectly. On a Red Hit (7-9), it works, but the MC chooses 1:
  • You are exposed to the warp.
  • You broadcast your thoughts.
  • You take s-harm.
  • You take 1-harm (ap).
  • You take 1-insanity.

Minor Psykana:
Delude (convince up to 10 NPCs of one untrue fact)
Beastmaster (control up to a large squad of beasts and animals)
Psychic Scream (use as an s-harm close messy weapon)
Mind Scan (hold 2 to assess the situation)
Terrify (force 1 NPC to flee the situation)
Distract (give someone -2 forward)
Inspire (give someone +1 forward)
Psychic Shield (take +1 armour)


Astropath Special
When you sleep with another character, the deeply human bond that is established allows you to drop 2 insanity points. At your option, they may also lose 2 insanity points.

Astropath Rapport
Everyone introduces their character by name, look, and origin. Take your turn by listing the other character's names.

Go around again for Rapport. On your turn:
One of the other players doesn't trust you because you're a psyker. Tell that player Rapport -2.
Tell everyone else Rapport -1. You're distinctly distant from people, in general.

On the other player's turns:
One of the players has transmitted their most personal secrets through you. Whatever number they tell you, ignore it and write down Rapport +3.
Everyone else, write down the number they tell you +1. You can intuitively sense other's minds.

You can take:
1 charm
astropath wear of your choice

Charms (choose 1)
Imperial icon (spend to recover 1 sanity)
Warp gem (+1 to Astral Telepathy rolls)
Psykana tome (+1 to Minor Psykana rolls)
Wrath staff (+2 harm to Telepathic Thrust)

  • Take +1 Bold
  • Take +1 Adroit
  • Take +1 Charming
  • Get a new astropath move
  • Get a new astropath move
  • Choose 3 minor psykana
  • Get a move from another career
  • Get a move from another career

Rogue Trader: Apocalypse / Profit & Loss
« on: July 28, 2010, 11:52:12 PM »
One of the stumbling blocks for me, so far, has been creating a strong system for measuring, gaining, spending, and losing wealth. I do like the way FFG has Profit Factor as a stat that you can roll against, but I also feel like making profit simply a -1 to +3 stat for rolling against gives insufficient granularity to wealth. Rogue Traders should always have the motivation to keep bringing in that filthy lucre.

I've basically completely ignored it in my games so far. Currently, the rules assume a system where profit is basically like barter, but collectively rather than individually owned and spent. 1-profit can outfit a battalion, feed the ship for a year, or purchase an artifact-quality eviscerator.

I still feel like this system lacks the right qualities. Perhaps a Profit Factor stat with strata would work...

Necrology / Re: [Wraith] Thoughts on hacking, ideas, stuff
« on: July 20, 2010, 01:55:51 PM »
There is a move in the Apocalypse World book that is totally reactive... when you suffer harm. I thought hold your form together was a clever equivalent for this hack.

It was an awesome session. My cousins are generally fairly... young and munchkin-y, so to see them get into this game with such enthusiasm was a lot of fun.

The influence of more traditional RPGs certainly was clear in the way they responded to the world... immediately assuming Karkan was some kind of elvish spy, for instance, rather than just a murderous bastard... but overcome in others, as when Anton threw another PC to the wolves with little hesitation.

The only custom rule I appended during the game was a mechanic for Azru to stalk mortals and drain their blood, which was simply "when you kill someone and drain their blood, restore 3-harm and take +1 forward." However, it did become evident during the session that there is probably a need for some kind of journeying-through-the-desert move - certainly press on or dig in could be appropriated for the purpose, but something more like Tony Dowler's journeying move from Apocalypse D&D might be more useful.

I ran Michael Pfaff's Dark Sun hack this evening with my younger cousins. Not knowing a lot about Dark Sun, I ignored pretty much all the setting apart from the description at the start of Michael's hack. Despite my worries that the game might fly over their D&D-driven teenage minds, they actually got into it quite a bit.

The characters were, in no particular order:

Anton the human Elementalist, with his cult of dirt-scratchers on the edge of a largeish town run by the templar Calvar. Anton is trying to bring life back to the soil, and in the process provides about half the food for Calvar's Crag.
Marta the giant Warrior, Anton's muscle.
Azru the elven Defiler, disguised as a blow-in wanderer working on Anton's Patch. He's far older than his appearance suggests - he drains the blood and lifeforce of innocents to extend his lifespan far beyond even that of an elf.

The game starts with Anton's followers simultaneously in want:savagery and surplus: violence, so I set them raiding the outskirts of Calvar's Crag, looting and pillaging the ramshackle stone huts in anger at Calvar's control of the crag's only water supply. We then establish Azru's thirst for blood, and he takes advantage of the chaos by stalking and slaying an elderly halfkin woman, slicing her throat with his dirk and consuming her blood. Meanwhile,Anton calms the cultists with a sermon from Marta's shoulders, calling them back to his farming patch, on the edge of the Thunder Wastes.

In the morning, they feel the sting of the previous night's violence. Calvar's brutes show up, demanding blood for blood, and claiming that the cult had defilers amongst them. With surprising speed, Anton gives up the wanderering elf as blood payment to Calvar. Azru, sensing that this situation is worth separating from, weaves a shadow spell to escape. He rolls a 7-9 and ends up escaping, but revealing to the whole cult and to Calvar's brutes that he is a defiling sorcerer.

In the Thunder Wastes, Azru somehow finds water and sustenance. While wandering, his acute hearing picks up the sound of elven battle horns - the Thunderstorm clan, swarming for a raid on the Crag. He senses opportunity and danger, and turns back west.

Meanwhile, the situation at Calvar's Crag degenerates. The cult doesn't have enough water to grow its new (opium) crops, and Anton ends up marching into town with a righteous spirit at his back. Marta goes aggro on the guards at Calvar's Temple, who gingerly let them into the temple. Calvar, a strangely thin and weedy man, isn't happy to be interrupted while spending quality time with one of his women. He tells Anton he won't get the water unless he turns over control of the Patch to the Sorcerer-Queen or her duly appointed representative.

Things get charged, fast, with Marta facing down against Calvar's legion and Azru showing up mid-standoff to rob Calvar's temple. Azru's appearance and subsequent disappearance keeps the standoff from breaking out into an all-out brawl, letting Anton and Marta retreat to their compound.

They decide, on the spot, to seek out a devil's bargain with Azru: if Azru helps them take down Calvar, they'll let him feast on the life force of Calvar and his enforces. The mysterious elven defiler agrees, and they return to the Patch to gather strength.

They return, in fact, to a rapidly cooling dead body with a bone dirk embedded in its chest. One of the cultists (Grigori) has been slain by another (Karkan) over the matter of a woman. Karkan has fled into the desert, and Grigori's brother is about to stride into the wastes and hunt him down. Anton persuades him to wait, and opens his psyche to the dragon to try and find Karkan's whereabouts.

All he gets from the dragon is vague images of elves which they interpret to mean that Karkan is somehow in league with the Thunderstorm elves. The idea that he's simply been killed and eaten by them never crosses their mind, and they decide to set off into the desert to hunt Karkan down.

In the desert night, they find little evidence of Karkan but plenty of evidence of landsharks, which swarm and attack the party. Azru takes 3 harm, leaving him dangerously weakened, while Marta easily dispatches the rest of the landsharks with her enormous metal sword.

They return quickly to Anton's Patch, which is now, unfortunately, being menaced by Calvar's legion...

brainstorming & development / Re: Dark Sun
« on: July 09, 2010, 12:08:48 PM »
I drew a character sheet for this hack.

You can find it here.

Admittedly it doesn't really add much on the standard AW playsheet, but at least it's in a more Dark Sun-esque font.

Rogue Trader: Apocalypse / Example Fronts (from my game)
« on: July 09, 2010, 12:35:12 AM »
Obviously, please don't read these if you're actually playing the game.

This is what I have drawn up so far for my current game, which involves two player characters - a Rogue Trader named Wilberforce veBarro who has just been snatched from a comfortable life managing his family's trade mission on a minor Callixus Sector world to command the newly salvaged Blancheviperre, and his dangerous Arch-Militant bodyguard, Khergan the Fist (until recently known as Prisoner 06008, for as-yet unrevealed reasons). Their ship has recently been commandeered under unusual circumstances by a mysterious Inquisitor.

Home Front

Flaxxus Sand - Magos and High Tech Priest
Curiousity, technical assistance, longwinded
Impulse: to investigate, to blather

Gilliam deVorche - Navigator
Impulse: to flee battle, to avoid dangers in the warp

Quintus Xavian - Seneschal
Impulse: to control, to ensure profit, to know

Terrigan Finch - Captain-at-Arms
Impulse: to protect the ship, to defend his honor
Conflicts with Khergan - distrusts the former criminal

Proctor Zephira Qi - Mistress of the Guns

Cartography and Cataloguing Department
Impulse: to control knowledge, to remain secretive
Cast: Ordinate-Major Darrick d'Allezandro

Threat moves:
 - Disseminate useless maps.
 - Show the true location of something dangerous.
 - Discover something.
 - Intrude on something.

Custom move: to get anything out of the Department, roll + Charming. On a 12+, they'll tell you where they are. On a 10+, they'll give you a map. On a 7-9, they'll give you a map, but choose 1:
- It's pretty damn inaccurate.
- Cartography demands a shipment of luxuries and supplies before they hand it over.

The Blancheviperre

Crew population countdown: 6 o'clock, some casualties, underpopulated

Armsmen Population Countdown (2-harm large gang 1-armor): 9 o'clock, on the verge of breaking

Crew morale countdown: 3 o'clock, orcs on lower decks

Hull points countdown: 3 o'clock


Thunderstrike macrocannons (3-harm close/midrange prow messy)

*Hidden Thunderstrike battery (3-harm close/midrange dorsal messy)

Armor: 2-armor void shields

*Hidden Librarium Vault: Special move: investigate family secrets. Roll Adroit. 10+, hold 3, 7-9 hold 1. Answer a question
 - Did Sarina veBarro encounter ____?
 - How did Sarina respond to ____?
 - Is a given legend about the veBarros true?
 - What was Sarina's biggest fear?
 - Where did the Blancheviperre travel?
 - Where did they find great wealth?
 - How did the Blancheviperre defeat enemies in battle?

The Orks in the Hold

Kind: Orks
Impulse: to raid, to cause havoc

Threat moves:
- Cause havoc at inappropriate moments.
- Steal cargo.
- Breed.

Aunt Jezmerelda

Kind: Relative, Rogue Trader
Impulse: Insult, berate, control
Description & Cast: Jezmerelda, immensely fat aged woman.
Custom Move: Whenever Jezmerelda is around, Wilberforce takes -1 Bold.

The Draxxus Conspiracy

Exhibits: Treachery
Darkness of the Future: The Rage Thirsters destroy the demon lord Calligula, as the Committee planned. They take his power and become demon lords themselves, using their knowledge of the Callixis sector to wage terrible war.


The Committee

Kind: Gathering
Impulse: to own, to corrupt, to manipulate
Description & Cast:

- Charlon diMaggio. Cousin to Wilberforce, former school chum, aboard the light cruiser Major Arcana. Charming. Sly. Bloody smart. Behind the whole operation.
- Corrigan the Fat. Well-armed, heavy cruiser Thunder Chalice. Not the brains of the outfit.
- the Schultzwarg sisters. Katherine aboard the Poison'd Wind and Gundrissa aboard the Pride of Blood.

Threat Moves
 - Offer vast rewards
 - Draw on past loyalties. (Charlon)
 - Lie and manipulate.
 - Attack peripheral holdings.
 - Launch cultist attacks.
 - Orbital bombardment. (Thunder Chalice)

The Draxxus System

Kind: Chaos world
Impulse: to entice, to corrupt, to destroy

Cast: The demon lord Calligula. Slaneesh.

Threat moves;
 - Entice with visions.
 - Corrupt through dreams.
 - Conceal the true path.
 - Disrupt warp travel.
 - Provoke a horrific choice.
 - Disgorge daemonettes.

Rage Thirsters

Kind: Space Marines (lost)
Impulse: to destroy Calligula, to seek revenge
Description & Cast: For innumerable years the remaining Rage Thirsters have battled across the worlds of the Draxxus System, abandoned by Sarina veBarro. They have not yet succumbed to the temptation of Slaneesh, and they slaughter demons and nightmares in an ending war against the lord of Draxxus, Calligula. They resupply their weapons and armour from the chaos warriors they slaughter, and thus they are still incredibly tainted.

Captain Largath - Ancient battle-captain wielding power sword and teleport pack. Thanks to alterations, he can teleport the entire squad across the entire system
Sergeant Korvan - Sergeant wielding dual power-eviscerators.
Other marines: Erasmus (techmarine), Thalliost (librarian), Argus (devastator), Brominade, Corrian, Hormac, Lester


Threat Moves
 - Inflict terrible harm.
 - Teleport attack.
 - Ignore pleas for mercy.
 - Call on the past.

Arbites Venator Barghon

Kind: Hunter
Impulse: to hunt Coldwine at all costs
Description & Cast: Hails from the same world as Khergan - an old friend / adversary, both his childhood friend and the person who put him away. Has been persuaded / bribed by Charlon to pursue Coldwine at all costs. There is a warrant with her name on every world in the Callixus Sector.

He commands a fast Arbites patrol frigate, the Lawgiver, which he is using to pursue Coldwine.

Threat moves:
 - Put a warrant out for Khergan.
 - Draw on Arbites resources.
 - Boarding action with the Lawgiver.
 - Outmanuever in the Lawgiver.
 - Master Tracker.

Inquisitor Coldwine

Kind: Inquisitor
Impulse: To take control, to manipulate, to win at all costs
Description & Cast: Inquisitor Bella Elipheth Coldwine, amazing with daggers (3-harm archaic) and eldar pulse rifle (3-harm close/far silent). She is quick with insults.

Khergan's read: How to get her to reveal her weakness? Seduce her.

Retinue: Damega Antares (interrogator), Gear d'Elektro (tech-priest), Mengsk (brute) and 7 others (3-harm gang small disciplined 2-armour).

Threat Moves:
 - Insult and demean
 - Manipulate and threaten
 - Use xenos technology
 - Draw on the Imperial Litanies
 - Use Inquisitorial Seal
 - Launch an assault.
 - Take control of something.

Retinue moves
 Damega Antares: Interrogate prisoner. Fence. Draw on contacts.
 Mensgk: Inflict terrible harm.
 Gear d'Elektro: Investigate xenos technology.

brainstorming & development / Re: dedicated hack forums
« on: July 03, 2010, 06:05:29 PM »
Done! Tell me your name and I'll edit it, I don't know everybody's names from their handles yet.


John Ryan is the realworld name.

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