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The document
And some orky music

Yes, I am a horrible, person, and while I know that to be no defence, I want to say for the record that I was drunk, high on various narcotics, young, foolish, desperate, in need of the money, and I thought of you the whole time. (Not really.)

So yeah, roleplaying Orks from Warhammer 40000. Less like the actual fluff, more like Deffwotch

As of writhing this, I have writen the Fighting Moves from AW 2nd ed. beta into a more orky form, and am preparing more. Here is a list of other stuff I have thought out.

The agenda: To have some crazy, orky fun!

What you need:
Some players
A G&M (Gork and Mork) to rule the game
Copies of the playbooks (will be writen at a later date)
at least 2d6
a d10
Copy of the critical hit - tables from Dark Heresy 1st edition for Gettin' krumped-move and some orky laughs.

Brutal: How good the ork is for fighting and winning
Kunning: How cunning the ork is
Weird: How psychically active the ork is. The Primary stat used by playbook features and moves of da Mekboy, da Painboy, and da Weirboy.

WAAAGH!!!: Is many things, among them:
  • The gestalt psychic field generated by the orks (i.e. how many orks the PC is around of, and how powerful certain playbook features and moves are)
  • the orkish warcry
  • a move
  • a subset of battle moves
  • a battle move
  • possibly at least one playbook – specific move
  • the orkish mix of a military campaing, holy crusade, and pub crawl with some genocide thrown in for good measure.
The Orks likes to call a lot of things WAAAGH!!!

Planned playbooks
There will likely be more of them (Freebotas and Fighta' Aces FTW), but these are the ones I have actually planned. I will likely base them on vanilla AW playbooks because of the similarity of their roles.

Da Painboy – The Angel, if the Angel could make cybernetics out of scrap, spit and hope, and attach body parts that are lost or attached to other beings.
Da Kommando – The Battlebabe (Close enough). They are very sneaky
Da Weirdboy – The Brainer (Close enough) if brainer had to throw fire to avoid having his head blow up
Da Boss – The Chopper
Da Speedfreek – The Driver
Da Nob – The Gunlugger
Da Warboss – The Hardholder, or maybe The Hocus
Da Mekboy – The Savvyhead, if the things savyhead makes didn’t have to make sense to silly things like physics.

Many orks have different compulsions (other than fighting) which gives the various oddboys their unique nature. Whenever an ork player character (or a PO, Player Ork) rolls brutal, that ork gains experience. Each playbook also has a set of conditions that gives the ork experience.

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: January 08, 2016, 09:48:35 PM »
Finally started to get playbooks to publishable order. I'm taking feedback on these, and likely will modify them. I'm uploading and linking these in alphabetical order.

The Captain

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: January 08, 2016, 06:47:06 PM »
Okay, here are some additional tags I worked out:

Thrown: A weapon may be thrown to a close range. If used in this way, the weapon deals +1 Harm, is lost to you until picked up, and may hit any person within the targeted area.

Sidearm: A weapon can be carried on a sheath, a beltloop or other such way when it's not in use. The weapon is usually kept getting in the way and may be drawn quickly. It's also more socially acceptable to carry a weapon that can be carried this way.

Pole: The wielder may only bring it to bear at couple of meters from the target. It canot be used at couple of meters in front of you.

Hand: The wielder may only bring it to bear at an arms length.

Short:  The wielder may only bring it to bear, withing a couple of meters.

I'm also grabbing the Two-handed tag from Dungeon World.

Based on these I have begun rewriting weapons. Still have to figure out how should I do shields.

I also rewrote gangsize modifiers, and added to them the creature size modifiers

Squad: From a few to a bit over a dozen people

Platoon: a couple of dozen people

Company: From a couple of dozen to a hundred people

Generally these work by Rule of Three: three squads makes a Platoon, three platoons makes a Company.

Large creature: Considerably larger than a horse. A gryphon or an elephant.

Huge creature: Most dragons.

Colossal creature: Smaug

Size modifiers work the same way as group modifiers. These are mixable, for example, a single gryphon (lagre creature) does +1harm and takes -1harm, but a flight of them (squad, large creature) does +2 harm and takes -2 harm from a single human PC.

Sounds interesting. You'll have to rewrite the fronts, and most classes. I'm curious how you will handle multiple classes doing similar things while having a niche for each one of them.

You'll may want to rewrite the bonds mechanic to a degree, if the party is supposed to stay together.

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: January 03, 2016, 10:41:33 PM »
The gear needs to be reworked a bit . . . I can't understand why whacking someone with a hand axe not only harms them as much as a battleaxe but is Messy as well. Why would a fighter in this world use a Halberd when a spear is lighter, inflicts nastier damage, and can be thrown as well?
Well, the description of messy in the Core book of AW says that a messy weapon may hit anyone within the area, and thrown weapons tend to be inacurate and stick out of people.

It will also be interesting to see what basic moves you've used. Using "noble" for fighting, as your stat array implies, makes me wonder if there's a different move for less-noble engagements!
The Gallant gets a move that allows the class to hit things with swift. Basically I'm trying to make the world to work on the tolkienian logic where, for the most part, how tough a guy you are is largely dependent on who you are in terms of status if you are a PC. (i.e. Aragorn the ranger is relatively tough, Aragorn, the High King of Man is one badass motherf#&%r.).

NPC:s are, naturally, as strong as the plot demands.

As for basic moves, I used the ones in AW plus the ones mentioned in the first post.

Hitting them with a mace goes straight through all that steel like it wasn't even there? Less likely.
Actually, as platemail was developed, different blunt weapons became more commonplace because they did exactly that. However, I do agree that it doesn't really fit the fiction.

But yeah, I need to develop some extra tags for weapons.

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: January 02, 2016, 07:02:35 PM »
I may have run into a bit of a problem while thinking about players' gear. The weapons have next to no difference from each others. I currently have

Big weapons (3-harm, hand) a broadsword, a battleaxe, a large polearm (a lance, a halberd etc.) A two-handed sword.
Blunt weapons (2-harm, AP, hand) a mace, a flail, a morningstar
Small weapons (2-harm, hand) A shortsword, a knife
Heavy thrown weapons (3-harm, close, hand, messy) A hand axe, a shortspear.
Light thrown weapons (2-harm, close, hand, messy) Throwing knives
Heavy bows (3-harm, close/far) Heawy crossbows, longbows
Light Bows (2-harm, close/far) Light Crossbows, shortbows.

Are these sufficient, or should I try to vary them up more?

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: December 28, 2015, 03:52:55 PM »
In addition to history, relationships revolve around strings and geasa.
A string is a piece of social pull your character holds over another. You get strings through some history options and through some moves. By using up a string you have, you can:
  • Get +1 to you against them after you have rolled
  • Get +3 to manipulate them if they are an npc after you have rolled.
  • Get -1 to them after they have rolled
  • Offer them xp to do what you want if they are a pc
  • Force them to act under fire if they are a pc
  • Force them to freeze, hestitate or falter if they are an npc
  • Add +1 harm against them when dealing damage.
A geas is a usually self-appointed goal for a character. Anyone else can invoke a character’s geas like they were using a string on them. Only one geas can be taken up per session, but more may come from special moves. While ending the session, if the player considers the geas fulfilled or otherwise ended, he drops it and marks experience. A new geas may be taken up as a replacement, but this is not mandatory.

//Seems like some basic moves (such as manipulate) needs a rewrite...

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: December 23, 2015, 03:26:46 PM »
That... is actually a pretty cool idea.

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: December 23, 2015, 01:04:30 AM »
Also forgot to say that in a setting where sexuality is mostly hushed up, sex, both marital and extramarital, can also really screw up relationships and personal interests, resulting in fun.

brainstorming & development / Re: Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: December 23, 2015, 12:47:39 AM »
Yes, that
Just two quick thoughts:

- What do you have in mind for the sex moves? Somehow the whole high medieval-fantasy castle-stuff doesn't seem particular "sexy-timey" to me, although I might be mistaken. Maybe swap them for similar moves for courtly love and romances?

Tolkienian fantasy tends to be that way yes. Some medieval myths too, and definitely our perception of medieval times, but if you go to slightly older stuff (say, legends of Cu Chulainn) there is surprisingly lot of sex, and no wonder.

Apart from being an obvious excuse for fanservice, the sexmoves in AW being rather powerful at times felt appropriate, because in a setting where people casually stab each other in the back, letting someone get intimate with you is kind of a big deal, even if any semblance of any morality (included but in so many ways not limited to sexual morality) hasn't just completely eroded with civilizations.

Classic medieval times is similar, but for different reasons. A lot of stories from the time has illicit sex and the relationship revolving it as a motivation, as a honey trap, hell, even as prize both before or after the deed. And from that comes a lot of cris-crossing relationships, personal grudges, attachments and other complications between PC:s and NPC:s that (hopefully and aided by mechanics) will result in what I as a MC call "Hilarity ensuing".

As for less carnal romantics, I'm fairly confident that the normal relationships mechanic, in conjuction with manipulate basic move and a couple of class moves should cover them nicely.

And of course, this not being a core mechanic, it's entirely possible that players simply choose to disregard them, especially if it doesn't fit the fiction.

- Why do you split Trust and Goodwill? Is it possible to trust but wish ill, or distrust but wish well? Hmmm ...

Well, this is kinda awkward, because I'm probably cutting them and replacing them the string mechanic from Monsterhearts. But assuming they stayed: Yes. Now, the trust or the goodwill doesn't have to be absolute. It can, for example, take the form of trusting someone to hold the line against the orcish horde, but harboring a personal vendetta, held back until a more convenient time to put it into motion.

brainstorming & development / Re: Metroplex: The Edge
« on: December 20, 2015, 09:22:44 PM »
Well, it seems to be your run-of-the-mill cyberpunk setting, but then again, that's what you were going for, right?

If I read this correctly, the game is mostly meant to take place in the slums which have grown between the wilderness and the actual city? You could perhaps emphasize that a bit more, as most cyberpunk takes place deep inside the actual city.

It's a bit vague. I understand that in order to keep it able to emulate as many different settings as possible, you need to keep it that way, but right now you have only given us the broadest of details. Perhaps you could tell more about the tone you are going for. What stats you are going to use, what basic moves, do you have classes thought out?

brainstorming & development / Fantastic World (tentative title)
« on: December 20, 2015, 06:34:42 PM »
What is this?
A hack for playing classical High Fantasy that I am developing. Knights in shining armor killing dragons and all that stuff. The goal is a hack for creating a mythos of epic stories or a single long one through play.

I have more or less completed the core classes, and have began on working on the race system, the relationships system and the sample world for playing a test campaing, but I could use some feedback.

The Stats:
Swift: Fast to move, fast to talk, fast to think. Clearheaded, calm, unfazable.
Noble: Brave, firm, but fair, merciful, dutiful, magnanimous. Of better stock and behaves accordingly. How worthy the person you just hit was to be hit by a hero, and thus, how well you do it.
Graceful: Attractive, inspiring, exciting. Well-mannered, charming and subtile.
Wise: Clever, sharp-witted, alert, perceptive, knowledgeable
Arcane: Strange, mystical, magical. Capable of sensing and doing supernatural things.

Basic Moves:
I’m propably keeping most of the basic moves in AW. I'm also introducing a new move:

Compromise: When you ask for something and offer something in return, or are offered something in return of something else, Roll+Wise. On 10+ you get what you want, but pick two, on 7-9 you get what you want, but pick one.
  • You get exactly what you want
  • You don't have to deliver first
  • You get something extra

I also replaced the psychic maelstrom and opening your brain with a general field of A Wizard Did It that characters can utilize to a degree, and a move for it:

Do through magic: When you try to achieve a minor supernatural effect, roll+arcane. On 10+ you achieve something close enough. On 7-9 you achieve an impression of what you attempted.

The playbooks:
The Captain: There is safety in numbers. Good thing you brought some.

The Gallant: You are a warrior, but who says you can’t look good while doing it?

The Healer: Ailments, be they mundane or magical in nature need healing.

The Champion: There are always people who needs protecting.

The Lady of the Castle: You may or may not be the one who holds the title deed, but you are the one through who it all goes.

The Lord of the Castle: You may or may not be the one who holds the title deed, but you are the one who keeps it held.

The Milady: Everybody wants you.

The Rogue: Sometimes being a hero just isn’t what you nee. Good thing you know all the angles, and everybody knows you do.

The Smith: A wizard did it. You to be exact.

The Strider: In the wildernesses, when others stumble, you help them up.

The Wizard: You are a student of a mysical tradition.

The Races:
I’m probably using the Holy Trinity of fantasy races (humans, elves, dwarfs) as the basis here. Each race can pick one on a short list of stat bonuses, and has a move tree of its own, which let’s the player to utilize the traditional strengths of the race. The exact flavours of the three are still open, but here’s what I have thought.
Elves: The noble ones: Moves regarding magic, grace and agility
Humans: The common people:moves regarding being crafty, knowledgeable and clever.
Dwarves: The outsiders: Moves regarding trade, crafts, and being stury.

The relationships system
In adition to HX (redubbed history) and sexmoves, I thought of a simple set of motivation in how characters regard each other. Right now these are
Trust: You may trust or mistrust another character. Whenever that character contradicts your disposition, you may perform a move specified under relationship moves.
Goodwill: You may bear good or ill will towards another character. When you act according or contradictory to said disposition, you perform a move detailed in relationship moves.
What you feel towards others initially is detailed in the history option of each class.

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