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Not that it would have mattered in this instance, but isn't armor, helmet, shield 3 armor?

I left the character sheet at the table, so I can't check why I counted 4. I don't remember the points for every item, so all I can do is guess. Maybe (but I am not sure) it was a misreading of the "+1" armor for wealthy characters (my character was wealthy).

For me, it was a sort of "Coitus interruptus"... We had passed around two hours creating characters, peoples, and a lot of stuff....   and the guy who had driven the car to the convention shows up and says "sorry Moreno, I just learned that I have an unplanned work meeting in a few hours, we have to go now"....  I was able to roll dice exactly three times, after all that preparation work...

By the way, the hurry was the reason why my character challenged the other's champion to single combat. I had only a few minutes left and I wanted to try the single combat rules. Ezio negated my right to that so I did declare myself accursed and wronged, and did bemoan my fate. 

As I said, the preparation was very long (at least, compared to the games I am used now), but it would not be a problem with a multi-session game. It could make it difficult to play demo session at conventions, though.

Most of the preparation was straighforward, and I could simply check items on the sheets without having to ask Ezio or others about the details, but It did hit a snag when we arrived to the "household and belongings" part. Part of the reason was that we had only one sheet for that in the entire group (it was not clear that it should be in the back of every character's playbook), but another problem was (I believe) that up to that point we had imagined our characters and the place they were at that moment, from that to jumping into the creation of a household (after having compiled all the other sheets before), I had really creative fatigue at that point and I crossed items more or less randomply.

So, the three rolls... the first one was the season move "Wealth: Prepare for What’s Coming" (rolled a 12, two bounties, "food" and "security"), then when the townpeople attacked (there was some misunderstanting about the fictional situation there, but we were playing in English in the noise of a Italian convention, it was already a small miracle that we were able to hear each other) used my right to be known by reputation (to try to weaken their resolve) success but no concrete effect, then I tried to jump over their wall of shield but failed. Ezio applied damage as estabilished saying with glee "three" points, and I think I replied with a nasty gesture reminding him that I had 4 points of armor (armor, helmet, shield). After everebody rolled for their next action I did want to fight someone to single combat but Ezio declared it impossible and anyway at that point I did have the driver practically pushing me away from the table...

roleplaying theory, hardcore / Re: References for Beginners
« on: June 24, 2013, 06:04:12 AM »
Hi Benhamill.

The place where you should (one day) find updated definition, hopefully in common English, is this one:

It's far from complete at this moment, a lot of definitions are missing and others have only the old glossary definition as a placeholder.

At this moment is practically stalled, it lost momentum months ago when the people who wrote there (me included) didn't have the time to do it for months. I would like to start again writing entries there and having people asking questions in the wiki forum here would probably help.

In any case, though, every single time I or other people (even Ron...) tried to explain Forge jargon only with words, the result was a failure. You don't need the theory to play. But you need to play a lot of really different games to understand the theory. It's descriptive, not prescriptive. It talks about what you already played, not about what you will play. First you play the games it talks about, and only after that it's useful.

Monsterhearts / Re: Turning Same-Sex PCs On
« on: June 08, 2013, 01:19:12 AM »
But.. but... playing Buffy without queer content would mean no Willow and no Tara (at least)!  =:-I

Anyway...  I don't know, sometimes reading the comment from of a lot of gamers about that move, it seems that they assume that at their table it WILL be used as a sort of "turn-you-gay" ray-gun, with no respect for the characters and even less for the other players.

But if you play with people like that, that move is the very last of your problems, and the number of games you can't play is much bigger than monsterhearts...

Monsterhearts / The Ghoul: dulled senses? No, dulled emotions!
« on: June 06, 2013, 11:00:45 PM »

I am playing a Ghoul (a 16-years old flesh-eating resurrected with satiety and short rest for the wicked as moves) in a current game of MH, and I found that in play the playbook push for a different character than one with Dulled Senses.

Then I read the short description on page 46 and it makes much more sense:
"Cold, unwavering, hungry. The ghoul died, and came back with dulled emotions and a hunger for human flesh. The ghoul benefits from being disaffected and malicious."

The playbook says: "Death changed you. It took away your contemplative joy, it dulled your senses, and it left you impossibly hungry. That hunger is always with you, like a hum in your ears that swells and crescendos until you can’t hear anything else. Unattended, it will come to dominate you - but feeding it may be just as bad."

They talk about different monsters. The first one is the one depicted by the moves and the numbers on the playbook. Cold, hungry, he/she feed and the emotions that could resist that - pity for the victims, disgust, self-loath - are dulled. He is "disaffected and malicious"

The second one is a Zombie like the one depicted in the old Simon Garth comics: his mind separated from the world, inside of a dead corpse that can't feel touch or smells anymore, a world of dulled color and sounds. A walking corpse. The only thing he feels is hunger.

Now, let's look at the stats and the moves:

1) High stats: Cold, Volatile. Low stats: Hot, Dark. A carnal monster, low contact with abyss and the supernatural, he is violent, volatile, easy to anger, but very much in control of his emotions. He is made of flesh, he is not a ghost, and he eat meat.
2) Backstory: the only one mandatory is "Someone reminded you what love was, when you thought that death had stolen it away from you forever. Give them 2 Strings.".   So you have dulled emotions (love), but you start the game in love anyway.  Every Ghoul start the game with this in the backstory.

The moves: this is the sex move:
When you have sex with someone, add “having sex with [this person]” as an additional Hunger. If you already have this Hunger, mark experience.

So, we have that every ghoul in the game did forget the strenght of the love emotion, but now there is someone that make them feel it again. And if they have sex with someone, they become practically addicted to sex with that one person (so it can't be a matter of sexual satisfaction only, in that case anybody would do. This is about emotions, too)

So.. the entire playbook circle around emotions, and depict a character that had them dulled and is littler by little rediscovering them , to the point of becoming addicted to intimity with specific persons. The way to these new emotions? the Senses.  How can they be overcome by hunger if they don't smeel the smell of food? (human flesh)? How can sex even work for them with dulled senses?

So, I think that the right description is the one on page 46. The one on the playbook is more about a different kind of zombie, the voodoo one (a walking corpse with a master who order you around).

It seems a little difference, but until I realized this, I had difficulties in visualizing my character, i could not play it as someone with "dulled senses" and justify half of the things on that playsheet.

P.S.: another question: if the Ghould doesn't take the move "Ending", does this mean that the character don't remember his own death, or it can simply mean that the character remember but get no benefit telling people about it?

Apocalypse World / Re: Seizing by force and taking definite hold
« on: November 11, 2011, 07:40:59 AM »
Taking definite hold of someone's life doesn't allow you to bypass harm and armor and kill them.

Even against NPCs?

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