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brainstorming & development / Re: Dark Heresy Apocalypse
« on: April 28, 2017, 06:02:04 PM »
Thank you. (I forgot the psyker, and can add the sage)

I'm going to think of general playbooks where players can make up a character from two halves of playbooks, or an integer.
Example: For the crook, half scum half sage ...
But for a character from the Officio Assassinorium, the assassin's full playbook (with all starting moves instead of half with another half).

Crazed zealot : warrior+hierophant, with 'augmentic' move (gear move)
Sister of battle : special case, I don't consider, cause players dont play Grey Knigts or Deathwatch, so why Sister of Battle ?...
Petty crook : scum+sage
Psyker : so, psyker...
A void-born spacer... etc : warrior+chirurgeon or sage (for chemistry trip or just warrior with chemistry knowledge and skill)
A paranoid death-worlder who is only calm when in actual danger : world of origin is in choice of the PC, and essentially part of roleplay more than mechanic, I think.
A data-specialist sage hacker : Sage+ tech-priest

What do you think of that ?

Actually I play with beta system and a junior-commissar (warrior), a sanctionned psyker  and a scum with teenagers gang and informations trafic. That's goog but need more specifical system items for Dark Heresy style.

I can share the PDF (french) on demand.

brainstorming & development / Dark Heresy Apocalypse
« on: April 27, 2017, 07:00:16 PM »

(I'm French, with very bad english, sorry, I train for level up)

Actually I work on Dark Heresy hack. Questions : which playbooks, which roles ? An inquisitor retinue must be composed by...

Work in progress:
- Assassin, for targets and infiltration
- Warrior, for battle
- Tech-priest, for technology and knowledge
- Chirurgeon, for healing, interrogations, corpse analyse
- Hierophant, for fellowship, exorcism, fate

And... Scum ? Somehting like a Maestro D', with trafic and social network etc ?

What do you think ? What else?
These roles are interesting, complete for you ?

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