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blood & guts / How many basic moves is too many?
« on: September 23, 2016, 04:13:03 AM »
OK, I know there's no pat answer to this question, but I'm wondering if I have too many basic moves. Most PbTA games have 8 basic moves, plus a few special moves and then the playbook moves. The hack I'm working on has 13 basic moves and three special moves. I also have group playbooks, of which I've only developed one so far. It has four moves. So that's 20 moves before we even start talking about individual playbooks.

My first test was a little inconclusive. They didn't seem overwhelmed, but they did have to refer to the basic move sheet a lot. On the other hand, group had never played a AW or any PbTA game and didn't spend much time looking at the moves before the game, so they were learning everything as they went along. So I'm curious if anyone has a sense of how much is too much. Have any of you designed a hack with this many common moves? How has it worked out?

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