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blood & guts / Grouping MC Moves
« on: December 20, 2014, 07:33:39 PM »
Somewhere in the interwebs, I came across a hack that had divided MC Moves into groups (one I believe was called "Set-up") and I thought I saved it to give it further thought, but I now unable to find it.... Anyone have an idea of a similar hack / might know where I would find something like this?

So, did I miss it or is there no specific move associated with telling underlings what to do? I mean other then actually treating them like people and manipulating them into action...

blood & guts / Micromanaging Moves or just Overkill
« on: October 25, 2012, 04:23:08 AM »
So here is my first inclination for a series of related moves and I am curious if this feels right or if its just too much for one aspect of a setting (i.e. Hack)?

"It is in the Hunt that you truly see your brother's heart and soul of your sister, do not lose yourself in the primal moment"

A Salandi may take up the Sacred Hunt for a number of reasons. The hunt tests their ability, it proves their worth to others, but ultimately many take up the hunt to gain insight from the spiritual world that the Totem can provide. The Hunt begins by gathering your Circle, they will act as aids and bear witness to when the Hunter confronts his Totem Beast.

Action: 1 season action, choose your target Totem Beast.
Roll: +Acumen <-Similar to Sharp
You will spend a portion of your season in planning your absence, scouting for the Totem Beast, and gathering the proper ritual gear for your Circle.

On a 10+ choose 3 of the following:
• Your domain is well tended in your absence. Trouble will not strike while on your hunt. (Though it may still happen as you return)
•You may choose the Landscape for the Hunt; normally the MC will pick one from the Totem Beast’s Environment list. You are not limited to this list. +1 ongoing if this is not the Beast’s native environment.
•The quarry is exceptionally suitable to claim a Trophy; +1 on Claim a Trophy Move.
•The quarry is a Legendary example of the Totem; Each member of the Circle that partakes in the Hunt gains +1 Favor, you gain +1 Hx with each of them.
•You have located the Beast’s Lair; if the Beast eludes you, you may go to its Lair to confront it again. You may need to Walk through Fire to get there.
•You have devised Escape Routes should you be cornered, you may have to Walk through the Fire or Laugh in the Face of Death (your choice) with +1 going forward, but you cannot be cornered by the Beast… even in its Lair.
•The preparations have been easy and fruitful; you regain your Season Action, though you will still be away during the hunt.

On a 7-9, choose two of the following:
•The quarry is a Superb example of the Totem; Gain +1Favor.
•The plan is NOT flawed. If it is flawed, perhaps you did not account for the Weather or another Beast will stalk you in turn…
•The Beast is with offspring, will you doom the younglings? -1Favor for all members of the Hunt, +2 on the Claim a Trophy Move.
•The Totem does not favor your prey, If the Totem has empowered the Beast, all actions against it are -1ongoing
•On a Miss, you may choose one anyway…

The Hunt
Once preparations have been made, and the Hunters know where to find the Beast, the battle for the Totem begins. Make no mistake, this is a battle. You may engage the Beast either at its lair (if it’s known to you) or in the Lands around its lair.

The Wasp
The Primal Wasp is a massive, insectile being capable of carrying a small child away to its lair. While the Wasp is a solitary hunter, they share a communal hive to breed, to feed, and guard their offspring.
impulse: to hunt and steal away food
impulse: to close ranks, protect their own
impulse: to consume and swarm

Wasp Special Moves
•All Harm is AP
•Inflict Venom
•Outflank someone, corner them, encircle, and inflict -1 on-going until they are no longer at the disadvantage.
•Disengage and escape back to their Lair.
•Takes something you value away as the Wasp eludes you.
•Call forth the Swarm (when at the Lair), this can be done multiple times, each time a new gang is called forth
        o2-harm gang small savage 1-armor

Inflict Venom
When you are impaled by the Wasp with its Poison Stinger, roll +Physique to resist the Wasp Venom.
On a 10+, the MC chooses 1:
•You are Broken; -1 Acumen, but Mark 1 Xp from the insight gleaned from the fever dreams
•Your Mind Opens to the Psychic Maelstrom, and spilling out to all those around as if they had each used Deep Brain Scan, but roll normally for the move.
•Your Condition Worsens, take an additional 1-Harm.
On 7-9, the MC chooses 1:
•Your Mind Opens to the Psychic Maelstrom, and is exposed to all those around you. Treat this as if they had each used Deep Brain Scan, assume a 10+
•-1 ongoing until they are cleansed by a Shaman
On a Miss, the MC may choose from the 7-9 list above. If she does, the wounds are not as bad as they seemed and you take -1harm.

Lair: Vespiary    
(impulse: to generate badness)
(impulse: to trap, to frustrate passage)
(impulse: to deny access)
Lair Moves:
• Display something for all to see.
• Hide something.
• Bar the way.
• Open the way.
• Provide another way.
• Shift, move, rearrange.
• Present a guardian.
• Disgorge something.
• Take something away: lost, used up, destroyed.

Wasp Trophy
When you roll to Claim a Trophy, the following options are added to the list when you have hunted a Superb or Legendary quarry.

Dagger of the Wasp – Not simply a dagger made from the stinger of the Wasp, but a magical weapon formed from the raw essence of the Wasp. Starts as basic Gear, but with the following:
       • Inflict Venom

Swarm’s Heart Blood – You have not drunk deeply of just mere Blood, but of the Hearts Blood of the entire Swarm. All those that drink of the Swarm’s Heart become more deeply bonded together, each bond moves one step better. Each draught created can be shared by up to five people.

Wasp Effigy – A fully grown wasp, fossilized by the mud and resin secreted of the Wasp Queen. This wasp is trapped forever in an artful pose.

Technique: You have learned how to battle in a manner that resonates with the Wasp. Choose one of the following and gain +1ongoing when acting in accordance:   
•Wasp Blooded – Usable when you act as part of a gang.
•Wasp Mentor – Usable when acting in a Hit and Run fashion.

Scars: While successful, the mark of this hunt will stay with you forever. Choose one of the following and gain +1ongoing when in situation described:   
•Venom Marked – If you fell victim to the Inflict Venom Move, you may take this Trait and gain an advantage against Poison, Toxins, and Opening your Mind.
•Impaled – If you took an injury from the Wasp, you may take this Trait and gain an advantage when retelling the stories of your determination by showing your Scar.


I can go with something is much simpler, like this:

The Sacred Hunt: When you hunt the Totem Beast with all due reverence, roll +Acumen. On a 10+, choose 3. On a 7-9, choose 2:
•You receive prestige, wealth, or insight; (I would need to make some rules for this)
•You gain a Trophy fitting the Totem (special List).
•You gain insight into your Circle, take +1Hx with any or all members of your choosing.
•You did not Suffer the Beast’s Wrath (This would have an inflict venom type effect

On a Miss, choose 1 anyway but the Totem is not happy with your actions… what did you do?

The more complex system has a more impactful feel to it, but the simpler one just gets on with the game.

blood & guts / XP as a Commodity?
« on: March 19, 2012, 04:20:01 AM »
So I have been working on a hack (slowly) and this thought crossed my mind; maybe XP could be used as a meta-level commodity. It already sees some use in the mechanics as the carrot and stick analogy for the fiction, but why not turn it into a physical aspect of a game, something tangible between the players? If I have 3xp floating around, what reason is there against me using it as a bribe on a Seduce or Manipulate? Maybe make way for a special moves that allow xp to be dumped for dice tricks or somesuch. For me what is making this sing is that it might be an interesting way to handle Weird shit as well, buying off the Fates as it were.

Now, I can see some abuse, but my thinking is that the xp still has to be earned through the normal means otherwise.


brainstorming & development / Desperately Seeking Quiddity
« on: February 27, 2012, 05:04:18 AM »
First, I am not happy with this name... I never have found one that did it for me. Its been called so many other things; The Salandi Game, Ahtalis, and even The Entourage. I will say that this is a pretty deep hack, bits and bobs stolen from a lot of great minds, so it may not fit anywhere here on these boards.

Here is the pitch:
Chosen to join in the Circle, to lead your House, your family, and friends in the name of the Empire. You are a member of ruling elite, one of several people that rightfully claim stewardship over an Imperial House of the Salandi Empire. Trapped in a primal land that lies between the shattered remains of Creation, you must face the obligations of your own desire, your family's needs, and the demands of the Empire... To further the very continuation of Creation as you know it, you will lead a war of shadows against the hollowed shell of illusions left by the Sundering and the very real enemies of the Void, while honoring tradition and revering Quiddity itself.

I will post more over the next couple of days, but I figure I might get some interest (and push my self into completion) if I just throw a bit out there for otehrs to see.

brainstorming & development / Fallout: New Vegas as Fronts
« on: July 29, 2011, 03:58:29 PM »
Was wondering if anyone has attempted to convert the Fallout:New Vegas game into fronts? At work now and will throw a couple up as soon ass I can, but thought I would get some discussion going

Apocalypse World / Making my Move...
« on: July 12, 2011, 04:04:03 AM »
I am so confused (or just falling back into old thinking patterns.. not sure, probably both).

So I MC'd my 2nd game with my group to delve deeper into Hatchet City. Colonel Kobe decided that he needed his other car to be a tank otherwise how would he close enough to Blind Blue to him with his sword.

Anyway, things went fine until we get the Brainer in the same room with Blind Blue who is the mega-mutant with a diesel engine of domination who has been mind-fucking "spies" in order to live vicariously with the Skinner. Well, the Brainer got separated, then unconscious, and then well Blue got some alone time with her. But here is the thing, the move is In-Brain puppet strings but that’s not on the lists of MC moves so how can I be fair? Just take 3 and say that it sucks to be you fail machine? Should this be a custom move? Should I just roll the Brain move and see how many hold I have?

Which begs the question how often should I make a move? At this point I make moves when they stall out and when they fail... should it be more?

I ran my first game last night and I think I may have messed this up, but it was fun so thats a wash if I did... but in the future I want to be a bit more accurate on this.

Playing the Hachet City scenario the Brainer and Skinner (Sin and Spice) decided that they were lovers and that they knew how to work together. The sitch was one that 5 snipers were covering the city's main gate. Spice got some wierdo suit as her Psychic Mealstrom tribute (she wanted to survive) and wore a Psychic Relay on her head, then walked out the gate into view of the snipers. Now, I said that to walk out that gate was going to take a some major balls and if they were going to pull it off he couldn't flinch or shit would go south real quick.

Spice held his shit together and then Sin used the Psychic Relay to tell the snipers to surrender. I treated the group of snipers as a gang one size bigger than Sin by himself so he could affect them all. Sin rolled 13 so I said it was all good.

Now, the Direct-brain whispers should be a close range interaction, but does that hold tru with the Psychic Relay? Also, since Spice was an Arresting Skinner would they be looking at the relay or just the skinner? 5 is technically too small for gang, but I could not think of another way to affect the group all at once and I was not such she should get to roll against all of them individually (I realize this is moot if the long range thing is a deal breaker, but if it had been close should this power work on a group? or is this something an advanced move would be used for or perhaps a new move that uses DBWP as a entry cost?)

So set me straight so I can get this right next time.

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