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Apocalypse World / Poster and blog for our AW game
« on: May 13, 2017, 12:25:35 AM »

Just wanted to share the poster for my 2e Apocalypse World game.  The game is set in hyper-dense "Overgrowth," a jungle of hostile nature that constantly seeks to cover the world.  I did the line art and my cousin painted it.

We also have a blog with session recaps, a character guide, maps, and custom moves here:

You can see more of my art at and more of my cousin's art at

Thanks for looking!

Apocalypse World / Individuals as gangs (NTBFW) + gang size stacking
« on: February 13, 2017, 05:34:13 PM »
We've got a Faceless who's taken "NOT TO BE FUCKED WITH" as well as acquired a gang.  We also have a Chopper who has a small gang that he's upgraded to a medium gang.

Presumably, two small gangs attacking together would count as a medium gang, and two medium gangs would count as a large.  Do individuals who attack as gangs count as adding to the gang size increase?  Right now the math we're looking at is:

small gang (Faceless NTBFW) + small gang (Faceless' gang, the Harlots) + medium gang (Chopper's gang, the TenThousand Maniacs) = medium gang + medium gang = large gang

Is there any reason individuals who count as gangs shouldn't stack with the gang sizes they attack with?

Hey all,

My Chopper's small gang was just obliterated (widespread serious injuries, many fatalities) by our Gunlugger.  During the session, the Chopper took the upgrade that allows him to move from a Small to a Medium gang.

Thoughts on how to negotiate this?  I feel like we've got to have some story to justify this in the fiction, though I feel bad telling him he can't take an upgrade or he has to wait for it to take effect or whatever.

Apocalypse World / Confused about Pack Alpha (Chopper)
« on: December 12, 2016, 06:47:47 AM »
We're a bit confused on how the 7-9 choices work with Pack Alpha.  Generally, when given a list of three from which you can pick one, I'm assuming that that means the other two options happen in the negative.  Here's how I'm reading the hypothetical scenarios:

  • You choose, "They do what you want," and then your gang fights back and you must make an example of one of them.  This one seems pretty clear.
  • You choose, "They don't fight back," but they don't do what you want?  Additionally, you must make an example of one of them?  Does this mean they shrug their shoulders and ignore you?  Subsequent action requires additional moves, like "Go Aggro?"
  • You choose, "You don't have to make an example of one of them," but they fight back, and also don't do what you want?  What does this look like?

I'm confused about what the second two options look like in execution for both the MC and the Chopper.  Thanks in advance for any words of wisdom.

Apocalypse World / Adventuring in Apocalypse World?
« on: August 09, 2016, 12:31:39 AM »
Hi everyone,

About to start my first game of Apocalypse World this weekend as the MC (we've played lots of Dungeons & Dragons and more traditionally-structured tabletop games, as well as some Microscope and Fiasco.

My big question is: does AW support adventuring?  I'm a big fan of Roadside Picnic/Stalker and Hyper Light Drifter -- I like the ideas of the PCs having to scavenge and sometimes coming across strange, even alien, artifacts.  I like the idea of environmental hazards and even monsters.

The rules and playthroughs I've listened to are very society-social targeted which is awesome -- and I know it's expressly forbidden to do story prep -- but are some of the ideas I'm thinking about feasible?  I was also considering bolting on some moves from Legacy or the Stalker / Ruin Runner playbooks?

Going to run 1e with the 2e playbooks while I wait for the Kickstarter rewards to ship -- does that seem reasonable?


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