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Apocalypse World / Rolling a miss on a PvP move
« on: December 23, 2016, 08:57:34 PM »
So let's say Marie (a PC) wants her violation glove back from Birdie (another PC), so she punches her in the face (seize by force) but rolls a miss. As MC, how would you handle this? If Birdie were an NPC I'd get to say what she does (like turn Marie's move back on her), but that doesn't feel right in this case. Same for go aggro. 

Apocalypse World / Seize by force and harm move options
« on: May 04, 2016, 06:19:18 PM »
I’m curious how you all handle the harm move after a PC seizes by force. It seems the fiction that comes out of SBF can interfere with a lot of the options from the harm move. Here’s a SBF example from AW1E (p. 196):

Bran needs 10 minutes alone with Jeanette’s body, so he opens fire on H and Marser. He hits the roll with an 11. “Take definite hold, suffer little harm, impress dismay or frighten,” he says. “Fantastic,” I say. “You hit H for 2-harm and he goes down, Marser drags him away. Marser heaved his crowbar at you, but you could, like, turn it aside with your arm. You take 1-harm. It’ll bruise but whatever.”

So Bran takes 1-harm, and his player rolls the harm move. On a 10+, the MC’s choices are out of action, +1 harm, or 2 options from the 7–9 list. Since the MC already described Bran’s harm as negligible, the first two choices don’t make sense, so the MC pretty much has to choose 2 from the 7–9 list. If the player rolls a miss, the MC already described Bran taking 1-harm, so the MC can’t then have Bran take 0-harm in exchange for choosing something from the 7–9 list.

How do you typically handle this? Do you just go with whatever harm options still make sense, or do you retcon the fiction in response to the harm move, or do you use the “MC can choose” escape clause and choose not to choose? Or would you forgo the harm move altogether in this case?

Apocalypse World / How does harm get unstabilized?
« on: October 23, 2015, 08:55:55 PM »
So in working on my own adaptation of AW, I wanted to double-check how harm gets unstabilized, and dangit, I can't find anything in the MC book about it.

Is it like, whenever a PC takes harm, their harm countdown always gets marked as unstabilized initially? Or can the MC tell a player to change their harm countdown from stabilized to unstabilized whenever the MC feels it's appropriate?

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