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Dungeon World / "Engineer " style class for DW?
« on: August 23, 2015, 10:55:37 PM »
Hi folks:

I'm doing prep for  a small "dw" campaign, and one of my player is a relative noob.  He's going to play a fighter, but he's new at this, is out of his comfort zone, and is more comfortable fixing cars, and general maintenance than rpgs.

So I thought, "well, if there's some kind of way to multiclass an "engineer" /fix it guy" in game i could let him have a multiclass move at level one, let my other players multiclass if they want to, and see how it goes.

Has anyone come up with "engineer" style moves i could use, or sugguestions for creating them?


Hello all:

I'm new here, but have played different RPG's for many years, and have been playing in a Dungeon World game with friends for two weeks now.

We all like DW quite a bit, and I'm thinking hard about buying my own copy soon.  I would like to use this system for other games. 

I love Marvel Heroic Roleplaying (tm) but my players group found it complex/confusing.  I would like to either:

a. use DW's sytem to run a Supers style campaign


b. combine the best elements of the DW and MHRP systems into something even more  awesome.

Has someone already done so in some fashion, or could I be pointed in the right direction?

(will be reading more of the system/world background once I'm home from work.)

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