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So I get that this is not the purpose of AW, so it's probably not likely, but I'm curious to see if anyone has done things like:

1. Opposed rolls.
2. Escalating numbers.
3. More detailed stats, skills, etc.

Apocalypse World / Critique my stealth move?
« on: May 12, 2014, 04:30:38 PM »
When you move silently through an area, roll +cool.  On a 10+, hold 3.  On a 7-9, hold 1.  You may spend this hold one-for-one to do any of the following:

Quietly approach / follow / near someone or something.
Quietly distance yourself from / withdraw from something or something.
Inflict harm on someone.
Conceal your presence, whereabouts, or trail.

This is a core move I'm considering.  In any sort of game I run (usually D&D or Savage Worlds), stealth plays a big role, even for characters who aren't "traditionally" stealthy.  My players love to sneak, so I need a sneak move that's more than acting under fire.

Note that you can spend hold to automatically inflict harm, no roll required.  That's your sneak attack.  Do you think it's too powerful?

It's a super cool hack.  Very slick-looking.  Plus it does Dark Heresy without the Dark Heresy system.

I want a move that is a very direct "kill" move.  AW's standard go aggro/seize by force doesn't have this because (I believe) the violence within the fiction is based upon violence as a means rather than an ends.  Well, I want violence that's a means and ends, the move to use when someone says "I pull out my sword and stab him because I don't like him."  I know Dungeon World does this, but Hack 'n' Slash leaves me a little cold.  While I love the system, those two moves lack a certain flair.

Ideally, the move itself would encompass both melee and ranged combat.  I'm going for a sort of gritty fantasy feel, not entirely unlike AW:DA, though with more of a smaller focus--not entire battles, but blow-by-blow combat.  The basics I have down so far:

When you wade into battle, roll +hard.  On a 10+, you harm your foe and choose one of the following.  On a 7-9, you inflict harm.

You shed much blood (+1 harm, +area optional).
You don't expose yourself to danger.
You drive your enemy back, provoke him to flee, or impress or dismay him.

That's the basics of the move.  I think it's okay.  I know that seize by force normally has you trade harm, but I would prefer not taking harm to be an option on a successful roll--people are going to making the move more often than they might in regular AW, so there will be more opportunities to take hits.

The one thing that I want to add in to this move is a sort of stunting.  I want players to do things like disarm, trip, pin, grapple, and shove their foes.  I want them to shield bash and stun, I want them to hold their foes at bay with polearms,  I want them to smash shields and armor with maces, and so on.  And they can do all that, of course, and it can simply be presented in the fiction...but the move as-written doesn't encourage it.

Compare a couple of moves:

The Hocus's frenzy: the move as-written reinforces the idea of the Hocus as a cult leader.  It's more than being an inspiring leader or commander, it's about "bring[ing] people forth and deliver[ing] them," and "falling into an orgy of uninhibited emotion."

The Savvyhead's things speak: the move is more than knowledge, it's supernatural, it's about the Savvyhead being weird and sensing what he shouldn't be able to.

The Brainer's special: the Brainer can never have a normal relationship with someone because he's a freak.  He can't help it because any time he's with someone he'll know the dark secrets within, and he might just kill the person, too.

I need something to make the move speak about doing extraordinary things in combat.  Initially, I was going to give the weapons tags, like +stun for a shield or +disarm for a sword, but those seem very limiting.

Any thoughts/ideas/suggestions?

Apocalypse World / Health and damage.
« on: April 04, 2014, 08:12:29 PM »
Greetings, everyone.  I've been interested in AW for quite some time (Dungeon World introduced me to it) so I've been doing a little thought-hacking.  Nothing solid enough to publish yet, but I'm working on it.  Anyway, I've been struggling to do a health/armor/damage system that wasn't the same "armor as damage reduction" thing that a lot of systems use.  Back when I played D&D more, I thought maybe that resisting damage should function kind of like a saving throw--you know, there's an X% chance you'll ignore taking a hit when wearing armor.  Obviously that doesn't work out so well in the framework of the d20 system, but I was thinking about importing it to a AW hack.

Here's my base idea: health is measured in terms of injuries.  When you have no injuries, you're at full "health."  When you have all the injuries, you're probably dead.  The injuries so far are:

Fatigued: This is the "freebie" hit, like the first 1-harm in AW.  It heals easily and doesn't impact you overall.
Bleeding: When you are bleeding and you roll a 6- when trying something strenuous, you take 1-harm AP.
Debilitated: When you're debilitated, you're in a lot of pain.  Any time you take harm, increase the harm taken by 1.
Enfeebled: When you're enfeebled, you're exhausted and can't think straight.  Take -1 forward.

Each 1-harm causes you to take one injury.

That leads me to this move:

When you suffer harm, roll +armor.  On a 10+, all three.  On a 7-9, pick one:

You don't lose your footing or your hold on something, or you don't miss something important.
You don't take the full impact of the blow.  Take 1 less harm.
You're not stunned, shaken, and forced to act under fire under you regain your senses.

Special: If you ever roll doubles on this, reduce the harm you take by 1.  (That's just a rule I like.)

Now, I want to push the game in more of a heroic action-adventure hack, so getting hurt and then coming back from it shouldn't be out of the question.

When you succumb to your injuries (that is, you have all of them), roll...

+1, if your allies stand with you.
+1, if your duty, an oath, or hope gives you strength.

On a 10+, you have some strength left within in you.  Choose one of the following:

One injury doesn't seem so terrible.  Ignore its effects, at least until this excitement stops.
You're on your feet, quickly, before your foes can react.
You look like the grave.  As long as you don't move, your foes will think you're dead.

On a 7-9, you yet live, but you are severely weakened.  You can crawl and hobble, but any attempts at vigorous activity could kill you.

On a 6-, the world turns dark and grey as death claims you for his own.


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