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Dungeon World / Ran my first game
« on: December 10, 2013, 02:28:19 AM »
A few questions

1) My ranger had an animal companion

Hunt, search, scout, guard, fight monsters, perform, labor, travel

It could do things like that, do I make a roll when my ranger tries to have his animal companion perform these actions? He had a rat and chose search so he wanted to use the rat to search the dungeon and have the druid in the group translate. I had him roll for when he wanted to do this.

2) How does armor and piercing work and do I always have to add a players sheid to their armor bonuses if they haven't lost it?

3) How long should combat take and if a character is engaged in melee combat can I have him defy danger to avoid attacks , like a dodge? I'm assuming I can.

4) On defend

Redirect an attack from the thing you defend to yourself
Halve the attack’s effect or damage

If an enemy attacks a player and deals damage, does the other player have to be already defending the player or can he defend the damage off of him or halve it still?
5) Is this how combat should go?

Enemy shoots an arrow at the group members, group members that are being shot at directly roll defy danger to avoid the arrows.
 If a group member rolls say a 7,8,9 in his defy danger roll, does this prompt a soft or a hard move against that group member? Does he still take damage?  If not, I can say he misses but the enemy is closer now, do I have him have to roll defy danger to avoid the next hit? And if he rolls a 7 8 or 9 on his defy ranger, does that mean the character gets another swing at the hero, and the hero has to roll again to avoid that attack, and if they roll a 7 or 8 or 9 again they dodge the move but are setting themselves up for yet another soft move against them by the goblin, who happens to swing again, repeating  until the group member cleanly evades or takes the hit ?

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